bei CRAFT is the physical manifestation of both Craft Initiative Agency and their proposed online platform Juice Match. Though it serves at the offices and headquarters of CIA, it is fundamentally a Showroom Bar, where the brands and partners that CIA work with can share genuine experiences of their product with the public. It follow CIA’s ethos of “growing brands in community hands”, having a great selection of local and craft products. This focus on the community being able to interact with brands they might not otherwise engage with is down to CIA’s access to larger more establish brands. They are able to leverage that access to allow the fledgling craft products to be presented on an equal footing. It is a place where there is a product that suits every taste and where new ones can be sampled. Most importantly, it is not only a location where brand partner can come to use as a co-working space, but from 19:00-close, they can arrange for special events to organise tastings, introduce new products, or put on any event that brings them and their product in direct match with the customers.